What Does My Rabbit's Behaviour Mean?

Updated: Mar 10

Today we're gonna learn more about rabbit's body languege so we can know better what they're actually tring to tell us.


Grooming is the way a rabbit clean and lick himself, rabbits know how to clean themselves just like cats. That's why there is no need to wash them (and it's also really not recommended).

Rabbits know how to take care of their own cleanliness in an excellent way. Rabbits can also take care of each other's grooming.

If your rabbit licks you, it means that he is actually grooming you and showing you affection.

When you pat him on the head you simulate the licking of his band members and that's how he actually gives you back a favor, he licks you back.

Basically it does grooming for you, cleanses you. That means your rabbit loves you and that's the cutest thing.

Binky Behavior

If you see your rabbit move its head, shake it and do a cute jump in the air, this behavior is called binky.

It's actually a kind of sweet jump that is accompanied by a shake of the head and they do it as soon as they are really, really happy.

This is how they express their happiness and joy with their cute binky jumps.


Once our rabbit is suddenly lying on its side, it may seem a bit stressful but the truth is that it is actually very positive behavior.

They do it once they feel very comfortable, which is really cute they actually do an adorable flop on the side.

Chin Rubbing

If you've ever wondered why your rabbit rubs his chin on all sorts of objects, then this is their way of actually marking the environment.

Rabbits have olfactory glands in their chin and as soon as they mark their belongings that way they actually inform the rabbits after them in the environment that it belongs to them.

"This broccoli is mine, this bowl is mine and sometimes this human is mine too."

Running In Circles

Is your rabbit running around you in endless circles?

This is a kind of courtship dance. Both males and females perform it.

This is a rabbit that is interested in mating. Sometimes it is also accompanied by small bites in clothing. Neutering and spaying usually stop this behavior.

Hind Legs Stamping

A rabbit that stomps hard on its hind legs is a rabbit that is very angry or is actually trying to say that there is danger in the area.

Attaches Its Head To The Ground

A rabbit that attaches its head to the ground is a rabbit that shows submissive behavior.

And can do the same towards its owner, also towards other rabbits you will see that they surrender to each other.

And in fact it could also be a sign that he wants you to pat him on the head.

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