So What Do Rabbits Actually Eat?

Updated: Mar 3

What foods do rabbits eat?

No. Rabbits do not eat carrots.

This is something you've seen in cartoons and since then it's what most people think, that rabbits eat carrots, but no.

Basically the main diet of rabbits are hay. Yes, it's surprising we know and a lot of stores do not sell hay or alfalfa at all and just give you rabbit food and here take it is what he needs to eat, but it is not true.

About 80% of the rabbit's diet should actually be hay. Hay can be timothy hay, oat hay, there are lots of types of hay on the market.

Note that rabbits up to the age of 6 months get alfalfa, it looks like green hay. And from the age of 6 months and up they get hay.

Rabbits should get something like a quarter cup of pellets a day, that's all it's all they're supposed to eat and that's not their main diet, we say again and again.

So when you choose pellets really try to buy clean pellets and not all kinds of mixes of scribbles.

So what about vegetables actually?

We highly recommend giving green leaves to your rabbit on a regular basis, it can be mint, coriander, dill, parsley. Of course do not exaggerate with the amount.

It is very healthy for them they really like it, you can also use it as choppers / as treats.

All the vegetables of lettuce, carrots, other things, we do not give them to young rabbits at all, because they can cause them diarrhea and digestive problems .

We do not recommend giving at all under the age of three months, after that we can give it in small amounts.

Really do not exaggerate. In terms of choppers you can use a small piece of apple, a small piece of banana. Again only as a candy and not as a diet.

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