About Raising Rabbits And Breeds

Updated: Mar 6

This article is about something we feel is not talked about enough. Raising rabbits. Let's start with the most basic thing, what kind of animal do we breed?

So there is a wild rabbit, there is a cony and there is a house rabbit. Rabbits are what we raise as pets.

Rabbits are animals that have been domesticated for many, many years and are quite far from their relatives in the wild. They are not as fast as them, they do not hear as well as them so a domestic rabbit cannot survive in the wild.

We will briefly go over the most common rabbits breeds we have around the world. Most of the rabbits we see in stores or living areas are mixed rabbits. They are basically made up of all sorts of different breeds and are usually also relatively large.

You can also find purebred rabbits such as a lion's head, which is characterized by longer fur around the head.

You can find angora rabbit, which has long fur all over its body.

There are even breeds of giant rabbits, which can weigh 10 pounds or more.

There is the Dutch dwarf and the smallest breed is very cute and trusts its owner if they are loved by him. This breed is characterized by a flattened face, a bit reminiscent of dogs like the Pekingese or the Shih Tzu. They have a flattened face, tiny, short ears and a plump round body. This breed is very common in the world lately because of its size. People like it being relatively small. Definitely a very cute and beautiful breed. Note that the Dutch Nancy has a slightly more sensitive stomach and must follow a very orderly diet.

Mini Rex, they have a special structure that is a bit reminiscent of kangaroos when they jump. They also have very soft, velvety fur like that of a chinchilla. Their character is comfortable and they are very special rabbits.

Mini-loops, basically these rabbits are characterized by downward ears. Dropped ears. Rabbits with great character, very cute and somewhat reminiscent of a sheep with their appearance.

Of course there are many many more and other varieties, but we will not go over them all just briefly on what is more common.

It is no secret that there is a problem with the breeding of rabbits in the world. We think there is a lot of ignorance of store owners who sell rabbits, they do not explain the right growth the rabbit needs, the right nutrition. As a result, rabbits die earlier than expected, not reaching their potential age. Rabbits can live both 8 and 10 years if given good conditions.

So what do rabbits actually eat?

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